Capacity building on Peace Building by the Saboba Youth Centre ends.


Capacity building on Peace Building by the Saboba Youth Centre ends.

The Saboba Youth Centre (SYC) in partnership with World Vision, Saboba AP, had a remarkable Peace Building workshop for the youth and leaders of some selected hot–spot communities within the Saboba District between Tuesday, 6 August to Friday, 9 August 2019.

Participants were deeply impressed by the public educational program organized by the Saboba Youth Centre, in Partnership with World Vision. Participants expressed their opinions for participating fully in the whole workshop.

“We are very excited and looking forward to having these educative and informative sections for young ones. This would take us a long way to be good mediators of conflict, and educators against child marriage”.

Participants, on the last day of the workshop, 9 August 2019, were taken through the developing of action plans for their own educational programs in their communities.

“I will always and forever be ready to be part and supportive to any educational and informative programs of the Saboba Youth Centre. They have done remarkably well. Let us all give these young people a chance to inspire and to change our world. They have great ideas to change the world, so let’s give them that chance”. Mr. Philimon said.

Rev. Fr. Nicholas Aasine, SVD, who is the chairman of the Saboba Peace Council and facilitator for the program told us he feels good when youth try making a positive change.

From Saboba Youth Centre and World Vision, #Let’s end child Marriage and build peace now because it takes us all.

By: Media and Communications Team

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