Holiday Greetings fro Saboba


Holiday Greetings fro Saboba

Dear Donor,

On behalf of the board, management, the members of the Saboba Youth Centre (SYC) and the people of Saboba in the Northern region of Ghana, I bring you heartfelt greetings. It is really important and necessary for me, as the Board Chairman of the SYC, to write in acknowledgement of the impact of your donations. Your donations, which you generously and willingly gave, contributed in the development of our district.

The donations we received, supported us to organize our Youth Parliamentary sittings. During these regular sittings, we debated on issues including revenue mobilization, water and sanitation, education, child marriage, school dropout and girl child education. The outcomes of these were suggestions that adequately would resolve the concerns over time. The parliamentary sittings also witnessed the presence of various stakeholders, who addressed key issues affecting young people in the district. Their interactions with the youth parliamentarians gave understanding on their mandate and on government policies, as well as the interests of the youth of the district.

It is worth recounting to you, that, at the time we received your donations, our government had awarded the Saboba-Yendi road to a contractor. The contractor was visibly doing a shoddy job, which endangered every road user. The SYC, being an active and influential community based youth organization, realizing this, made a visit to the construction sites, organized a press conference thereafter to draw the attention of the stakeholders and the Government authorities on the unprofessional conduct of the contractor. In addition to these, there was an extensive radio discussion on the issue. The consequence of these approaches was that they caused the contractor to rectify his earlier errors, as well as do a more professional job as the work progressed. The actions of the SYC were supported by your funds.

Your donations have made great impact in the lives of the people of Saboba and its surrounding communities. However, there are several issues that can be addressed through the youth parliam ent approach, but due to the unavailability of sufficient funds, it is virtually very difficult to get these issues attended to. I am of the strong conviction, that, with your continuous generous donations backing our resolve to cause the right change in our communities and district at large, amazing transformational results shall be achieved.

Finally, words wouldn’t be enough to best express our appreciation to you. However, we hope that as time unfolds, you will be able to make a visit to Saboba to see the results of your donations. We are grateful for your generous donations.

On behalf of the Saboba Youth Centre, I wish you, your family and loved ones a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Warm greetings,
Gmagnel Sula Silas
(Board Chairman)

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