Saboba Youth Centre partners World Vision


Saboba Youth Centre partners World Vision

The Saboba Youth Centre in partnership with World Vision Ghana, Saboba has organized a three (3) day Pump Mechanics Volunteers training for 35 Pump Mechanics drawn from 17 communities in the Saboba District.

Participants were chosen based on previous experiences they gathered in their previous training. The purpose of the training was to refresh the minds and skills of the Pump Technicians on water pump repairs and regular maintenance.

Participants were also taken through parts of the Indian Mark II hand pump. Among the various parts that the participants learnt include pipe champ, pipe wrenches, pipe lifters, rod clamp, foundation bolts, grip flier and bearing presser.

Another important lesson learnt was fault identification. This was meant to help boost the capacities of the participants in identifying fault whenever the needs arise. Among other things learnt from the fault identification include: delay of water to flow, difficulties in pumping, shaking of handles, jacking up, soften in pumping among other things.

Strategic mechanisms adopted to stop long duration of breakdowns, repeated failures over short time, maintenance as well as conflict management skills provided to Volunteers to enable them calm tones when the need arises.

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