The Youth Parliament; A Prospect To Young Aspiring Political Leaders In Ghana.


The Youth Parliament; A Prospect To Young Aspiring Political Leaders In Ghana.

In recent times, we record dozens of younger ones who aspire and wish to become great politicians in Ghana. Assembly members in localities including SRC and NUGS in tertiary institutions.

Aspiring political youngsters usually commence their career by taking leadership portfolios from basic to top notch. Nonetheless, some young individuals doubt themselves, some put efforts and others are forced to develop themselves out of influence.

In our spheres of life, people build themselves to becoming good leaders depending on their interest and the platforms being utilized for such transformation. Just as some go through training in churches, mosques, temples and missionaries to become religious leaders, others transform themselves to become conventional politicians through youth parliamentary activities.

There is a thin line between the National Parliament and National Youth Parliament in Ghana. No far gap! Youth Parliaments in Ghana emulate parliamentary proceedings of the National Parliament. These are platforms launched in many districts to practice parliamentary proceedings with an aim of building the younger ones to becoming better political leaders and to serve as good representatives of their people.

The parliamentary standing orders is very important to practiced at this level by the youth. Discipline and all other protocols are also observed. It’s quite obvious that, some parliamentarians are non punctual in attending parliamentary sittings. Perhaps, this emerges from somewhat the leadership training received during their heyday of youth political activities.

The revamp of youth parliaments is gradually changing the status qou of ensuring discipline in parliamentary proceedings. Any Honourable Member irrespective of the position or leadership is not exempted from abiding by the parliamentary standing orders. Punitive measures are taken against honourable members who misconduct themselves. In so doing, the political rising youth abreast themselves in parliamentary related activities and gain some glimmer of confidence about what it means to be a political leader.

Youth Parliaments are golden platforms not purposely meant for political debates, but to provide space to make the voiceless voice of youth leaders voiced. Notwithstanding, criticisms highlighted on corruption at this level might change the ideologies of rising youth political leaders and purify them to promote political sanity when they clinch top notch positions in the future.

As young and aspiring political leaders, let’s better our political careers by engaging in youth parliamentary activities. This will take us far and prepare us to serve our motherland with patriotism and true faith.

Written By; John Jalil Aidoo, Edited By; Arthur Kwame Philip

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